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The Tiny Travelers Joke Book is designed for children of all ages.   “Have you ever hunted Bear?”  “No, but I have fished in my underwear.”  They will spend hours laughing and telling jokes to their family and friends.   The Tiny Travelers book series is designed for all children to help pass the time.   This is especially helpful in airports, long flights or just sitting in the back of the old station wagon.   I have been on many a road trip over the years, and I knew I was the happiest when my children were being entertained.   The Tiny Travelers Book Series was designed with this in mind.




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Did you know that a duck has three eyelids?   This fact and hundreds more will keep your children reading for hours!  The Tiny Traveler Book of Animal Facts is especially written for children, and has very interesting facts about almost any animal they can think of! Be sure to look for other Tiny Traveler Books coming your way soon





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The Tiny Traveler Children’s Bible Stories were edited especially for children who can read on their own.   These wholesome stories will teach young readers about the Bibles greatest hero’s and the lessons that you grew up with.   Tiny Traveler Books were designed with parents in mind.   Long hours at the Airport or in the back of the car while driving to Grandma’s house can be filled with quality reading and stories your children will one day tell to your Grandchildren.   Be on the lookout for the next Tiny Traveler Book coming out soon!




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