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This is the first painting I ever attempted.  This is 

Sammy, my wife's cat.  This picture is now hanging in our bedroom.

My second painting was of a cardinal.  My biggest mistake was trying to make an animal so large.  This painting is hiding in the closet upstairs.  

This is one of the churches we saw in Ukraine.  The actual church was on bare, muddy ground and had a ratty old fence around it.  I decided to make it a bit more cheerful.  

My next painting is of another Ukrainian church.  I tried some ideas with the grass and trees, and they didn't quite turn out like I wanted them to, but that's OK.  It's all in the learning! 

My fifth painting was a gift for my mother. It's the house we grew up in, but I did some landscaping.  The original house had no grass in the yard.  

Being a Navy man, I wanted to do something nautical in my sixth painting.  This lighthouse is no longer working, but sits on Andros Island, just off the coast of Greece.  My mom suggested the birds, and they actually come out OK.  I really like the morning sky in this painting.  

This painting proved to be a bit more than I was ready for.  I found four different pictures that I wanted to combine: The horses, the desert, the mountains and a sunset.  As you can see, I still need a lot of practice.  My kids like it, so that is good enough for me!

This is a painting of the schooner Bluenose.  It is a sad story of a ship that was once famous throughout the world, but ended it story sadly.   This was the first time I tried painting clouds and waves.  

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